Valentine’s Day playlist

14 02 2008

First, the answers to the movie lines quiz.
10) Love Story
9) The English Patient
8) City of Angels
7) Casablanca (sigh)
6) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
5) Jerry Maguire
4) Moulin Rouge
3) Lord of the Rings
2) As Good As It Gets
1) Dirty Dancing (I think we might be watching this movie tonight. Or perhaps When Harry Met Sally.) Well, here is my own personal Valentine’s Day playlist. I know I said I was going to list the top ten most romantic songs, but I just didn’t like those songs. Mine are much better.
My ♥Valentine’s Day Playlist♥
1) I Need You, LeAnn Rimes
2) I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Frank Sinatra
3) The Luckiest, Ben Folds
4) Valentine, Martina McBride (of course this one has to be on there, it isn’t Valentine’s Day without Martina)
5) Have I Told You Lately, Rod Stewart
6) Yes!, Chad Brock
7) Once In A Blue Moon, Sydney Forest
8) Awful Beautiful Life, Darryl Worely
9) Come Away With Me, Norah Roberts
10) Rhymes With, Lila McCann
11) Always You, Sophie Zelmani
12) The Way You Look Tonight, Tony Bennett
13) Hey There Delilah, Plain White T’s
14) Your Everything, Keith Urban
15) The Time of My Life, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warners

So, who saw the Tiffany’s Valentine’s Day ads? I thought these ads were great! So so cute. And there are several different version of the ad that I have come across in my perusing of the the web, however I cannot seem to find them at the moment. They are clever and encorporate the pieces of jewelry. And of course it’s Tiffany’s, what woman doesn’t want to click thru to the Tiffany’s website?
Here are the ads:
This one is my favorite, and I found it at the NYT website.
There are two different banners that I have seen, both are good.

As a part of my job I habitually note ads that I see that are clever. I must admit, however, that a friend pointed these out to me. For the occasion, these are some of the best online ads I have seen floating around. Anyone else seen anything interesting out there? I got an email today from Planned Parenthood. It was…well, it caused quite a stir around my office, I’ll say that. If anyone is curious, let me know and I will write about it. I am just not sure how to put it into words….



14 02 2008

I have this pair of shoes. Thin spike 3 inch heels, black strap across the toe, and then a thick ribbon that goes around the ankle with a bow that trails down to the heel. This has to be my favorite pair of shoes that I own. I am forever looking for the occasion to wear them out, which unfortunately does not come around all that often. I love this pair of shoes. Unfortunately, my love of jeans and sweats usually wins out over the clothes that are appropriate with this pair of shoes. Today would be a nice occasion to wear these shoes out somewhere. But honestly, you know how I love to spend Valentine’s Day? Cooking dinner at home (as long as he does the dishes!!), then curling up on the couch with the boy and watching a cheesy romantic movie that I have seen a ton of times. Corny, much? Well, yes, it is. My best friend has made plans for she and her man to go on a romantic dinner cruise over the Potomac. And they are going to have a fantastic time. That’s the kind of thing that they enjoy doing. I imagine everyone’s opinion of the holiday is different. One year, when I was younger, my boyfriend and I were both going to be out of town on a school trip over Valentine’s Day. So they day before we left, we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop and made teddy bears for each other. I still have that bear (however not the boyfriend) and I remember that Valentine’s Day as being very special. This year, I basically just outlined what my plans are, because I was the one in charge of making the plans. I was, however, surprised by the beautiful delivery of flowers I received at my office this morning (thanks, honey!). Needless to say, I doubt very much that my fabulous shoes will be making an appearance this Valentine’s Day. Perhaps I can convince someone to take me somewhere nice for my birthday! I hope you have all been enjoying this ♥heart-shaped Thursday♥. Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day fodder.

Sweet Nothings

13 02 2008

Greetings on this the eve of ♥Valentine’s Day♥, the day when those in love shower each other with flowers, chocolates, kisses, and other various and assorted goodies. A little quiz for you lovebirds out there, or movie buffs, whichever you deem yourself as. I promised in an earlier post a list of the Most Romantic Movies Ever and it is coming shortly. But first, the top ten most romantic movie lines ever. And you get to figure out where they come from. I’ll post the answers either tomorrow during the day or Friday (as I have plans myself tomorrow evening♥).
And drum roll please here they are…the Top Ten Most Romantic Movie Lines.
10) “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”
9) “I promise I’ll come back for you. I promise I’ll never leave you.”
8) “When they ask me what I liked best, I’ll say it was you.”
7) “We’ll always have Paris.”
6) “I want to tell you with my last breath that I have always loved you.”
5) “You had me at hello.”
4) “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”
3) “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone. I choose a mortal life.”
2) “You make me want to be a better man.”
And the number one most romantic movie quote of ever (from one of my all-time favorite movies, nonetheless.)
1) “I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.”

And my personal pick for most romantic movie line ever is:
“I love that you get cold when it is 71 degrees outside. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle in your nose when you’re looking at me like I’m nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it’s not because I’m lonely, and it’s not because it’s New Year’s Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” -Billy Crystal, When Harry Met Sally
What’s yours?
There you have it. The top ten most romantic movie lines ever. Any surprises? I think there are a few things missing. But who am I to argue with random sampling?

Well, if your plans include staying in and cuddling up with someone special (or getting together with your girlfriends, eating ice cream and burning photos of your old boyfriends), here are some movies to add to your must-see list.
Top Twenty Most Romantic Movies of All Time
20) When Harry Met Sally, 1989
19) You’ve Got Mail, 1998
18) Moulin Rouge, 2001
17) Dirty Dancing, 1987
16) Love Actually, 2003
15) Somewhere In Time, 1980
14) An Affair To Remember, 1980
13) Serendipity, 2001
12) City of Angels, 2001
11) Love & Basketball, 2000
10) Romeo & Juliet, 1996
9) An Officer and A Gentleman, 1982
8) Gone with the Wind, 1982
7) Love Story, 1979
6) Sleepless In Seattle, 1993
5) A Walk To Remember, 2002
4) Pretty Woman, 1990
3) Ghost, 1990
2) Titanic, 1997
1) The Notebook, 2004
And I’ve added 1A because I think it was mistakenly left off this list!
1A) Casablanca, 1942

You can probably find most of these at Blockbuster for your movie night!

The pen is mightier than the sword…but is a picket sign mightier than both?

12 02 2008

♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥ to all you couch potatoes telefanatics out there! The Writers Guild of America’s strike is over!
The strike, which began November 5th, 2007 ended today after the governing board of the unions unanimously approved a tentative three-year deal with production companies. This was the first industry-wide strike in ten years, the last being in 1988. That strike lasted 5 months and cost the industry $500 million dollars.
This strike was focused on the writers’ demand for a pay increase for movies and television shows released on dvd, and a larger share of revenue from shows streamed over the internet. What shows will be returning? How many of us are going to have to go without Grey’s Anatomy until next September? I have been personally missing NCIS and Criminal Minds. Someone on another blog, one that I was just perusing brought up an interesting point. The increased interest in politics may very well be because that has been the most interesting thing to watch in a while! Now, I can’t say that this is particularly true, it certainly isn’t for me, but as I have been reminded again and again, I am “weird” (in quotes because I am quoting a friend), and it is “never good to be a sample size of one.” So will the unusually high interest in politics drop off when these television shows come back? Especially among young voters? Surely not, but it is a theory worth mentioning.
Speaking of television, who has plans to stay in on ♥Thursday♥ night? Stay tuned for a list of the Top Ten Most Romantic Movies Ever which are sure to make your evening a little more ♥loveable♥!
*EDIT* You can visit the TV Guide blog to see when your favorite shows are coming back! And I found the link at this blog!

Love Bites

12 02 2008

I love it when I have a theme and can tie other things I like to talk about into it. Like politics and Valentine’s Day. What do the two have in common, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. The RNC has embraced the holiday for all it’s worth. A friend forwarded an email to me yesterday (with an accompanying groan) that was sent by the Republican National Committee, and I have to share this email with all of you. Well, not the email, but the contents certainly. It contained 6 Valentine’s Day cards featuring the faces of the two Democratic nominees for President. Each “card” had carried its own attack against the person featured on it. My two favorites (based purely on their creative ingenuity) are below.
Photobucket Photobucket
To see the others, you can click ♥♥♥.
A few love bites for the Dems, but if Gallup is any indicator, they will survive.

Two Days

12 02 2008

Good morning, this lovely (albeit still very cold!) Tuesday. We inch closer and closer to Valentine’s Day as the days pass. Hints for all you guys out there, if you haven’t already made plans, you might want to get on the ball! In the spirit of the holiday, how about some Valentine’s Day trivia?
The Roman god Cupid is said to be a symbol of love, because he was supposedly the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. He is known for being the mischevious winged child who shoots people through the heart with his magic arrows, causing them to fall deeply in love.
This commonly used closing dates back to pre-modern eras, or at least half of it does. The X was once a symbol of honesty and the Christian cross. It was used to sign documents because most people in these pre-modern eras were illiterate. Along with the X, one would kiss the page to show sincerity, hence the connection between an X and a kiss. The O was added much later by Americans, signifying one’s arms reaching around another, or a hug.
Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day trivia, a Valentine’s Day music playlist, and updates on the Potomac Primary.


11 02 2008

It is cold across the nation. Well, I say cold. It’s 66 degrees in the southern most point of Texas, but I am supposing that that is pretty cold for the southern most part of Texas.                                                                                                                                               

*image from The Weather Channel.

It was 18 degrees when I trekked from my home to my office this morning. Not at all surprising, although a bit unnerving when your transportation method of choice includes a hefty bit of walking. So, I arrive at the office with wind-bitten rosy cheeks and nose. Thankfully, I enter the building and can start to thaw out.
But lo, to my (and many of my co-workers’) dismay, the heat is not running! Actually, to correct that statement, it was running when I entered the building, but it was quickly cut off. So, I know it DOES in fact work. Now, I’m not one for complaints, but as one who spends a great deal of time working on the computer, freezing fingers do not make for very effective work time. Alas, I sit at my desk, my fingers diligently pounding away on the keyboard, staving off the inevitable freeze of my hands. My poor circulation is not a fan of this most recent egregiousness bestowed upon myself and my collegues by building management. I imagine we will survive.
Today is Monday, February 11th, 2008, which I am sure anyone reading this knows. This means that we are 266 days from the general election on November 4th, 2008. Primary season is in full swing, and with Super Tuesday behind us, I am pleased to say that at least one party does not have a clear front-runner. The Republican Party seems to be owned by one John McCain at this time, but the Democratic nomination is still up for grabs between Senator Hillary Clinton, and Senator Barack Obama. I make no predictions as I write this, I feel like my predictory enlightenment leaves something to be desired. Tomorrow hosts the primaries in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, or as it is affectionately called by beltway insiders, the Potomac Primary. We may see a front-runner after this the latest in our long line of primaries.
This election has so far been one of the most impressive displays of the American political system in a long time, in my opinion. For the first time in a long time, we’ve heard genuine debates about the issues, and can understand that the candidates are for more than winning and against someone else winning. It has been inspiring. Stay tuned tomorrow, as I will be following exits for the three primaries.
I’ll mention the date again, as there is something else equally terrifying that approaches and much sooner than the general election. Yes, four days from today is the day that excites women and terrifies men across the globe. ♥VALENTINE’S DAY♥. Is there another day out of the 365 days a year that men feel more pressure? I doubt it. I know from my own conversations with the male friends that I have that the expectations surrounding this holiday continue to grow. I’m sorry, boys. When you learn, like a small percentage of my wiser male friends have, that Valentine’s Day is to women what Halloween is to children, you will be in a much better position *ahem*, relationship-wise. What is your perfect Valentine’s Day? I bet that HIS idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day far differs from that of HERS. HIS and HERS of course being my names for everyman and everywoman. Oh, but that is just for those of us in relationships. What is Valentine’s Day to the Singleton? Well, I don’t know what Mr. Singleton feels, because I’ve never been in his shoes. But to Miss Singleton, Valentine’s Day above all else is BLACK THURSDAY. (Well, its Thursday this year). The day when her friends all have dates, and she gets to watch them all go out with the guys they care about, and she gets to sit at home eating ice cream and watching all the sappy chick flicks that will be playing on Lifetime all night. I empathize with all of you. I have been there. Trust me.
Anyway, as it is the week of the faux holiday, Valentine’s Day will be a recurring theme this week.