14 11 2008

Twilight the movie. It’s being talked about everywhere. It’s splashed all over the cover (or should I say covers) of Entertainment Weekly. Author of the book, Stephenie Meyer, has been named one of EW’s Entertainers of the Year. I was introduced to the book by my sister who called me up one day and said, “I just read this book, and you have to read it!” I trust Kelsey’s judgment, so I picked up a copy. And then I picked up the succeeding books of the series. While it is billed as a young adult novel, it isn’t written as one. The characters are well spoken. I’ve read other adult novels, and I find that most authors write young adult novels as if the young adults are…six or seven years old. They don’t seem to be able to find the right conversational styles for people of the age 16. Albeit, Meyer’s characters probably have conversational styles at a level higher than that of normal 17 year olds. But, one of them is technically 109 years old, so she gets a pass. Anyway, I am counting down for this movie. I don’t count down to thing very often, unless it is a holiday, or a time that I get to go somewhere. But I am ready for this movie to come out. So, it is being released at midnight next Thursday (technically Friday, but whose counting.) Well, I had a lot more to say about this topic, but I can’t remember it at the moment, so more for later!

Chase (is pretty excited for Twilight)