Welcome Back!

13 11 2008

So, it’s been…I don’t know how long since I’ve blogged. Months. And months and months. But I want to get back into it, if at all possible. I make no guarantees, however. The election season ended last week with the election of the first African American President of the United States. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, it was a pretty historic moment for the US. Now that the election is over, and retailers can have the airwaves back for commercials, it seems that they are moving into the holiday season with fervor. I, for one, never admonish a holiday commercial. I love everything about the holidays, which anyone whose ever read my blog knows. With the economic crisis looming overhead, I would be willing to bet that this holiday season is not as big a payoff for retailers as it has been in the past. Many retailers are showing a loss in third quarter profits this year, and are expecting to see low fourth quarter profits as well. I’ve heard that some stores are planning their “black Friday” sales early, in hopes to counteract the low cash flow.

Anyway, I haven’t started any Christmas shopping yet. I still have some birthdays to get through. Although I have begun to think about it. I am about ready to start the decorating, though. Early, you say? Bah, I say. If retailers are already playing Christmas commercials, then why can’t I put up my tree? Plus, I am not really at my house much during the holidays, so if I put it up before Thanksgiving, I can actually enjoy it. I’m thinking of revamping the look of the blog for the holidays too. Not that I don’t love the green roses, but perhaps something new. Just until January 1st. Then the roses can make a comeback.


And yes, the orange stays for Fall, until I switch to red or green. Or maybe light blue. We’ll see!


Summer lovin’!

22 04 2008

A nod to one of my favorite movies, but not a whole lot to do with today’s topic. Actually, since summer is approaching, it is time to start thinking about summer colors! Well…I always like to change up my makeup for summer. It’s warm outside, so you don’t want to put anything heavy on your face, it just starts to feel sticky.
Suggestion 1:
Bare Minerals foundation, blush, and mineral veil. It’s light, but provides good coverage to hide those pesky freckles that appear when someone spends too much time in the sun (guilty!). It also has an SPF of 15, since some exposure is inevitable (unless you are a hermit). The mineral veil is also very light and leaves your skin oil-free, and that makeup won’t come off on the phone, or your clothes!
Suggestion 2:
If your skin has a tendency to get a little oily as the day goes on (as mine is prone), you might consider putting something on under your makeup in the morning. I’d suggest this product by Cosmedicine: Medi Matte. It is an oil control lotion. I know…how does a lotion control oil. But this sutff works without making your skin feel dry and flaky.
Suggestion 3:
This is actually a suggestion that works year-round, and I just recently discovered it. I don’t know how I was even wearing eyeshadow before finding Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It’s a liquid that’s got the consistency of a thick concealer, but it doesn’t feel the same at all. Once I put it on, I all but forgot it was there. It prevents your eyeshadow from smudging, fading, or creasing. I’ve always had a big problem with eyeshadow creasing, but this little potion in the cute bottle has cured that.
Suggestion 4:
Summer means new lip shades! My skin tone, hair color, and eye color aren’t really very summer friendly when it comes to summer shades. Peaches and cream skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes. Well, I streaked the brown hair with blonde highlights, but the blue eyes throw me off. I have always worn dark brown eye shadow, because that is the main color to bring out the blue. So, I am on the hunt for some summer eyeshadow that I have yet to find. Perhaps pink or purple. Turquoise is going to be very popular this summer, blue isn’t my shade. Anyway, on to lips! As with eyeshadows, my lip colors are best for fall and winter. I search long and hard for a good summer-y color. I’m not a lipstick fan, it always feels to heavy, but I wear lip gloss almost every day. And I’ve finally found a new shade that is going to be my staple this summer. Lorac Mocktail lip gloss in Tequila Sunrise. It has an orange-y tint to it, and just a little shine. It isn’t sticky, because one of my biggest problems with lip gloss is when it is sticky. Or when it dries and gets flaky, which this does not do either. A bright raspberry color is also going to be very popular this summer. I am still searching for my own perfect variation of that one. I’m determined!
Suggestion 5:
My final suggestion is for perfume. I have one scent that I have worn for a very long time, and it is Kenneth Cole’s Reaction. I love the way it smells, I still love it, and will continue to wear it. But I can’t wear anything very heavy during the summer. For some reason, I tend to attract bees and other annoying buzzy creatures. So, I’ve found something that is perfect for anytime! You could even spritz it on for an evening beach party. It’s Vera Wang’s Flower Princess. It’s a floral scent, but light and…well….summer-y! I love it. And the bottle is so cute, it has a little crown and everything. What girl doesn’t want to be treated like a princess? This scent is a limited edition, so make sure you get some soon!

So, I varied from the norm, and revealed some of my favorite beauty secrets and/or supplies. I’ll update if I make anymore discoveries!

Tricks of the Trade

24 03 2008

An article published in the NYT yesterday revealed that one of the earliest shopping techniques is making a comeback. Not that haggling ever really left, but it is definitely not thought of as common practice in any of the places that I shop. This article says that the notion of bargaining down the price is becoming increasingly popular in major retail outlets. According to the article, retail historian from the Harvard Business School Nancy Koehn says that haggling in department stores used to be commonplace, before stores adopted fixed pricing in the 1850s. But with technology-enabled price comparison and online negotiating, the retail salesforce is quietly being allowed more freedoms to negotiate prices with customers. The downward spiraling economy has also put more power in the consumers’ hands when it comes to price negotiating. There are examples of in the article of people who’ve successfully “haggled” down the prices of large and small ticket items, from big screen televisions at well-known retailers such as Best Buy, to things such as rugs and clothing. Koehn blames the “ebay phenomenon.” She says that ten years ago people didn’t like to haggle, and they thought they weren’t any good at it. But using ebay has boosted confidence. I am not sure I agree with her. Bidding for something on ebay is quite different than negotiating face to face with someone. First of all, price negotiations go on all the time. Didn’t today JP Morgan increase they offer to buy Bear Stearns to $10 a share in order to appease shareholders? That’s price negotiating. Paying below sticker when you buy a car. Making an offer on a house. These are all instances in which people are haggling. I was in New York a few months ago, and my roommate and I made a few purchases from street vendors. We never paid what they asked initially. It’s all part of haggling. My confidence in haggling is pretty limited when I am negotiating with someone face to face about a purchase. Whereas on ebay, I have no problem making a bid on something. That being said…is haggling really making a comeback? How far is it going to to? And how is this going to affect the lines at registers? I know I intentionally go grocery shopping late at night because there are few people there. I don’t like waiting in line to buy my groceries. If we have to wait for people to haggle on the price of everything in their basket….would we get home before the milk went bad?
I need to stop and buy some toothpaste on my way home. I wonder if I can get it for $2.50, instead of $3.14. I guess it’s worth a try…wonder how many people I will irritate in the process by trying to haggle with the cashier.
Happy shopping!

New Fave!

6 03 2008

I stumbled across this website a while ago when I was actually searching for an image of a heart. Ever since I have been going back to this site and perusing the merch, because I positively love it. The website is Shana Logic,(formerly Pixiegirl Shop) and they sell indie jewelry and other items. Owned and maintained by one person, Shana Victor, this website is clean, user-friendly, and fabulous. The merchandise is designed by a lot of individual artists, therefore everything is totally unique. And it is all fun. I have a wishlist a mile long for the merch on this site. When you buy from Shana Logic, you are supporting artists from around the world and bypassing that pesky little thing we like to call the NEA. While I am fairly “new” to the site, it has actually been live for at least five years, in one form or another. Clearly, Shana knows what she is doing. Major props to her for doing her thing. I’ve got to say, she’s done it right. She’s got a product that speaks for itself, and she hasn’t allowed her website to grow so cluttered that it detracts from the merch. Among my favorites are the raindrop earrings, the sparkle berry earrings, and the Good Luck necklace. Check out her website, she is constantly adding new stuff. And by the way….my birthday is April 21st!

Quick! Someone call the ASPCA!

16 02 2008

I went shopping today. I am an excellent shopper. I know where to look for bargains and when to wait for the inevitable sale. Anyway, I was walking through Macy’s today, and stopped suddenly at the table with purses that were on clearance. Yes, I typically brake for clearance signs, but this was different. What I saw sitting on that table was most disturbing. A purse from Fuzzy Nation. Fuzzy Nation Couture, as a matter of fact.
Yes, it is a silver chihuahua purse. Chihuahua purse. The concept is totally lost on me. Chihuahua purse. Is this going to be The Next Big Thing? For a while all the celebrities like Brit-Brit, LinsLo, and Miz Hilton were carrying their own little critters around in a pet purse. Wouldn’t this bag be easier, ladies? No excess fur, no mess, and if these get dirty, I’m sure they can be dry cleaned! When I saw these bags, I thought surely this isn’t some fad, but instead something that a company has decided to produce with profits going towards an organization like the ASPCA, or something. But as far as I can tell from Fuzzy Nation‘s website, no such luck. Then again…if I was a chihuahua, I’d be embarrassed. It’s like a horrible picture of yourself getting posted on the web. And then being sold. Talk about cruelty to animals….


14 02 2008

I have this pair of shoes. Thin spike 3 inch heels, black strap across the toe, and then a thick ribbon that goes around the ankle with a bow that trails down to the heel. This has to be my favorite pair of shoes that I own. I am forever looking for the occasion to wear them out, which unfortunately does not come around all that often. I love this pair of shoes. Unfortunately, my love of jeans and sweats usually wins out over the clothes that are appropriate with this pair of shoes. Today would be a nice occasion to wear these shoes out somewhere. But honestly, you know how I love to spend Valentine’s Day? Cooking dinner at home (as long as he does the dishes!!), then curling up on the couch with the boy and watching a cheesy romantic movie that I have seen a ton of times. Corny, much? Well, yes, it is. My best friend has made plans for she and her man to go on a romantic dinner cruise over the Potomac. And they are going to have a fantastic time. That’s the kind of thing that they enjoy doing. I imagine everyone’s opinion of the holiday is different. One year, when I was younger, my boyfriend and I were both going to be out of town on a school trip over Valentine’s Day. So they day before we left, we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop and made teddy bears for each other. I still have that bear (however not the boyfriend) and I remember that Valentine’s Day as being very special. This year, I basically just outlined what my plans are, because I was the one in charge of making the plans. I was, however, surprised by the beautiful delivery of flowers I received at my office this morning (thanks, honey!). Needless to say, I doubt very much that my fabulous shoes will be making an appearance this Valentine’s Day. Perhaps I can convince someone to take me somewhere nice for my birthday! I hope you have all been enjoying this ♥heart-shaped Thursday♥. Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day fodder.