Safe for now

6 03 2008

I’ve been out of the blog loop for a few days due to an insane statistics test. *Sigh* That is over and done with now. Lets get back to business. Starting with Tuesday. Hillary Clinton pulled out a win in three of the four states that voted on March 4th. Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island all believe that Hillary R. Clinton should be the next President of the United States, or at least the Democrats in those states do. Barack Obama took Vermont, as most everyone predicted. And after these four states voted, John McCain now has all the votes he needs to be the Republican nominee. But the Democratic nomination is still up for grabs! It’s all very exciting. It’s very American Idol-esque. See, this is why I don’t understand why some people don’t get into politics. “Last week, the judges weren’t too thrilled with Hillary’s performance, but American voted! And she is safe-for this week.” Dun, dun, dun (scary music). Maybe we just need to get Ryan Seacrest or someone like that to announce the results of the polls. Maybe not, maybe this has to be more “serious” than that. But I still get into it, and after seeing the outcome of Tuesday’s primaries, I felt like it was American Idol. Which isn’t even something I watch very often. I am not so big into the reality television shows. Although there is a new show that just premiered last night, called High School Reunion, on TVLand. I didn’t watch it, but I did record it. I thought it might be interesting. Although it will probably turn out to be another one of those shows where they put a bunch of people in a house and make them live together until two people hook up, two people get into a major fight, and then the entire group turns on one person and tries to get them kicked out. That’s basically the plot of most reality shows, isn’t it? Politics is way more exciting to me, at least they have to maintain a mask of civility. Their sniping is more intellectual snobbery than hair-pulling and eye-gouging. Is that what it takes to interest the general public? In other news, Patrick Swayze (the Dirty Dancing actor, among other things, but whom I will always remember as “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 55. Pancreatic cancer is a very unforgiving disease, by the time symptoms appear it is often that there is little can be done. It has a 5% 5-year survival rate. In a statement released by Swayze’s reps, they say that he is remaining positive and responding well to treatment. The actor and his family are in my thoughts and prayers!


Poll Taxes

15 02 2008

Have we all recovered from the hangovers of Valentine’s Day candy and other various and assorted goodies? Mine came in the form of brownies…yum♥. Back to business as usual, I suppose. I got my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday for the primary (which in Texas is March 4th). And when I return it, I have to put my own, first class stamp on it. I think that’s wrong. Why do I have to pay to vote? Does anyone else who votes in their county on election day (or early voting) have to pay to vote? Is this some sort of, backroom, conspiracy theory to dissuade people from voting? Maybe. Doubtful, but all the same. I pay taxes, I take my civic reponsibilities seriously, and I want to vote in the Primary in my state. In 2004, close to 6.5% of the population of Texas voted in the presidential primary. Small percentage, and I want to be a part of that percentage. It is hard to persuade people to vote, much less in the primary! So why make them pay to vote? That only furthers their reasons not to! Ridiculous! I know a stamp costs, what, $0.42 or something, but still. It’s the principle of it all. I honestly don’t think it is a big conspiracy theory, but I am irritated by the fact that I have to pay to vote. Say that out loud. I have to pay to vote. Sounds eerily like a poll tax, doesn’t it?


11 02 2008

It is cold across the nation. Well, I say cold. It’s 66 degrees in the southern most point of Texas, but I am supposing that that is pretty cold for the southern most part of Texas.                                                                                                                                               

*image from The Weather Channel.

It was 18 degrees when I trekked from my home to my office this morning. Not at all surprising, although a bit unnerving when your transportation method of choice includes a hefty bit of walking. So, I arrive at the office with wind-bitten rosy cheeks and nose. Thankfully, I enter the building and can start to thaw out.
But lo, to my (and many of my co-workers’) dismay, the heat is not running! Actually, to correct that statement, it was running when I entered the building, but it was quickly cut off. So, I know it DOES in fact work. Now, I’m not one for complaints, but as one who spends a great deal of time working on the computer, freezing fingers do not make for very effective work time. Alas, I sit at my desk, my fingers diligently pounding away on the keyboard, staving off the inevitable freeze of my hands. My poor circulation is not a fan of this most recent egregiousness bestowed upon myself and my collegues by building management. I imagine we will survive.
Today is Monday, February 11th, 2008, which I am sure anyone reading this knows. This means that we are 266 days from the general election on November 4th, 2008. Primary season is in full swing, and with Super Tuesday behind us, I am pleased to say that at least one party does not have a clear front-runner. The Republican Party seems to be owned by one John McCain at this time, but the Democratic nomination is still up for grabs between Senator Hillary Clinton, and Senator Barack Obama. I make no predictions as I write this, I feel like my predictory enlightenment leaves something to be desired. Tomorrow hosts the primaries in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, or as it is affectionately called by beltway insiders, the Potomac Primary. We may see a front-runner after this the latest in our long line of primaries.
This election has so far been one of the most impressive displays of the American political system in a long time, in my opinion. For the first time in a long time, we’ve heard genuine debates about the issues, and can understand that the candidates are for more than winning and against someone else winning. It has been inspiring. Stay tuned tomorrow, as I will be following exits for the three primaries.
I’ll mention the date again, as there is something else equally terrifying that approaches and much sooner than the general election. Yes, four days from today is the day that excites women and terrifies men across the globe. ♥VALENTINE’S DAY♥. Is there another day out of the 365 days a year that men feel more pressure? I doubt it. I know from my own conversations with the male friends that I have that the expectations surrounding this holiday continue to grow. I’m sorry, boys. When you learn, like a small percentage of my wiser male friends have, that Valentine’s Day is to women what Halloween is to children, you will be in a much better position *ahem*, relationship-wise. What is your perfect Valentine’s Day? I bet that HIS idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day far differs from that of HERS. HIS and HERS of course being my names for everyman and everywoman. Oh, but that is just for those of us in relationships. What is Valentine’s Day to the Singleton? Well, I don’t know what Mr. Singleton feels, because I’ve never been in his shoes. But to Miss Singleton, Valentine’s Day above all else is BLACK THURSDAY. (Well, its Thursday this year). The day when her friends all have dates, and she gets to watch them all go out with the guys they care about, and she gets to sit at home eating ice cream and watching all the sappy chick flicks that will be playing on Lifetime all night. I empathize with all of you. I have been there. Trust me.
Anyway, as it is the week of the faux holiday, Valentine’s Day will be a recurring theme this week.