Perez Hilton Doez Charity

4 04 2008

I read Perez Hilton practically every day. I’m a sucker for celebrity gossip, and I am not embarrassed to admit it. And Perez Hilton is the best that I’ve found. I ♥ Perez. But recently (actually, I don’t know how recently, but I’ve noticed it recently) he’s been putting links to donations pages for charities and non-profit organizations. I love the fact that he is doing that, because Perez Hilton gets a lot of site traffic. According to, a website that gives information on websites including traffic, and lists the sites that gets the most traffic in certain countries, Perez Hilton is the 759th most popular website in the US (which doesn’t sound very high, but it really is when you think about how many people are on the internet during the day, and how many different sites they could be visiting). So, I’m glad that he’s posted these links to charities and invited people to donate. Someone made a comment on one post of his where he listed a charity that it was wrong of him to do that because people that go to his site don’t want to dig through the clutter for the gossip. I’ve decided to reply right here to that comment. Ok, A) the website is not hard to navigate. It’s not as if every other link or post is a link to a charity instead of some bit of salacious gossip. I’ve noticed that it is about one a day, maybe two. B) With the constant influx of information, an hour after it’s been posted, the charity link has already been moved to the second page. You’re not missing out on your daily fix. C) It’s a great thing that he’s trying to make that audience aware that there are people out there who need help, and not just the celebers who party too hard. There are real people out there struggling with chronic illness, people struggling with hunger, battling to keep a roof over their head, animals being brutalized, people in other countries being tortured and killed, a rapidly growing hole in our ozone layer, and tons of other things. So, thank you, Perez for doing that. A lot of people appreciate that you are trying to call attention to the fact that there are real problems in the world that we can actually do something about.
That being said, I have a little knowledge of that world. The world of online fundraising for non-profit organizations. And the audience that reads Perez’s website is not the audience that makes donations. It’s not that they don’t care, although research has shown that fewer of them do than older generations, but rather that they don’t have the money to donate. The younger people are, the less likely they are to donate, that’s something that makes sense even if you aren’t in the industry. The demographic of people who read Perez Hilton are under 35, web users, and generally female. Not in the “likely to donate” category. Non-profit organizations who fundraise online know that, and they don’t spend a whole lot of time trying to raise money from them. What’s important about what Perez is doing is cultivation. While his readers today are young, college age people who use any spare cash to buy groceries and pay down college loans, they won’t always be. Eventually they will be in that target audience for donors. By being exposed to these organizations now, the organizations have the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with them so that when they do decide to donate, they are donating to their organization. That is the advantage that Perez is giving these charities. Now we can only hope that it will stick.


If I was a movie star…..

18 03 2008

Ever noticed how famous people are about as far from being real as they come? I don’t just mean movie stars, I’m talking sports stars, television stars, reality tv folks……..even the randomly famous people like Paris Hilton. I still have no idea why she became famous in the first place. I think I am going to open a hotel chain so that my kids can be famous if they want to. I seem to notice that as far as famous people go, musicians are about as close to being real as they come (and you’ll notice I said real, not normal). And I exclude people like Britney Spears from this “musicians” category, because no one knows what exactly she is. Anyway. There is a big to do right now about Kristin Davis (Charlotte, from Sex and the City) and a sex tape that she may or may not be a co-star in. So, I got online to do a little recon work into her life. Her middle name is Landon. Although, according to International Movie Datebase, sometimes she goes by Kristin Lee Davis. How many stars actually go by their real names? Associated Content has a list of stars and their real names here. If I was a celebrity, I would totally use my real name. It’s not Hayden Panettiere, but it works for me. We don’t get to choose our own names. If we did when we were young, we might all end up calling ourselves “Frankenstein,” like the kid in “Big Daddy.” You know, I’ve changed my mind on opening my hotel chain so that my kids can be famous. I don’t want my kids to be famous! Look at what happens to them!? What stars do you hear about that have tasted stardom while they are young that haven’t been in some sort of trouble? Hilary Duff hasn’t been arrested for anything yet, I don’t think. Miley Cyrus (daughter of Billy Ray) hasn’t tripped up yet, although I think that people are trying to get her to. As soon as a young star states a preference for remaining on the right side of the law, it seems that people start taking bets on when and where they are going to trip up. And recently, The Jonas Brothers came out with a statement that all three of them plan on waiting until marriage before they have sex. *cough* A commendable goal, gentlemen, and I wish you all the best of luck. I remember when Brit-Brit was sweet and innocent. And now she’s a mess. Well, I am older than the young kids that are approaching the age where “the wheels come off the wagon.” Let’s hope that at least a few of them can retain their integrity. Although…I’ve noticed that the stars who have consistently remained out of trouble don’t really get that much press. Anne Hathaway is someone that I am specifically thinking of. Does that simply prove the old adage “no press is bad press?” Who knows….
Oh, by the way, footage (in the form of a photo) of this Kristin Davis sex tape has emerged on Perez Hilton. You’ll have to see for yourself…it does look like her, but is it photoshopped? Her press office is claiming yes, but who knows?