World’s Worst Music

7 08 2008

I listen to a lot of music. Pretty consistently. At work, at home, in the car, even in the shower (yay, ipod shower…thing). So, I’ve been exposed to a lot of different songs. Well, a friend of mine recently came across this video, where apparently two guys challenged each other to come up with the worst mixtape ever, and the loser had to walk around town with a giant boombox blasting the worst mixtape. It’s hilarious, although I have my doubts about these songs actually being the worst songs in the world.

I decided to try to come up with my own list, but in the process, I came across Blender‘s list of the top 50 worst songs ever. Some of them I disagree with, but some of them I completely agree with. You can find their list here. As for me, my list of top five would be something like this:
1) Man, I feel like a woman – Shania Twain
I actually like some of this canadian singer’s stuff, but this one I just think was overplayed.
2) My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
This song brings back memories of the seventh grade, when my best friend was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. It was a funny time, but I am pretty sure when we went to see Titanic, she was bawling when he died, and myself and our other best friend just couldn’t help but laugh at her, and the little girls behind us who were sobbing as well.
3) Who Let The Dogs Out – Baha Men
I don’t even have words for this one.
4) She Bangs – Ricky Martin
Ok, he did ok on Livin’ La Vida Loca, but he missed the mark with this one.
5) Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus
I am actually sad to put this one on the list, but I think it belongs. It is definitely one of those that gets in your head and then just grates into your brain. And now, it is in my head, and will probably be there for the rest of the day.
What do you think are the worst songs ever?
By the way, I would just like to say that for like, 6 days now, someone (aka, Tony Perkins of the Fox Five morning news) has been promising me rain. And once again, it is bright and sunny outside. I’m not a creep who hates the sun, but I’ve lived here for almost two years, and not once have we had a decent thunderstorm. Sometimes you just need some pounding rain, and crazy thunder and lightening.
Bring on the rain!!


Valentine’s Day playlist

14 02 2008

First, the answers to the movie lines quiz.
10) Love Story
9) The English Patient
8) City of Angels
7) Casablanca (sigh)
6) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
5) Jerry Maguire
4) Moulin Rouge
3) Lord of the Rings
2) As Good As It Gets
1) Dirty Dancing (I think we might be watching this movie tonight. Or perhaps When Harry Met Sally.) Well, here is my own personal Valentine’s Day playlist. I know I said I was going to list the top ten most romantic songs, but I just didn’t like those songs. Mine are much better.
My ♥Valentine’s Day Playlist♥
1) I Need You, LeAnn Rimes
2) I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Frank Sinatra
3) The Luckiest, Ben Folds
4) Valentine, Martina McBride (of course this one has to be on there, it isn’t Valentine’s Day without Martina)
5) Have I Told You Lately, Rod Stewart
6) Yes!, Chad Brock
7) Once In A Blue Moon, Sydney Forest
8) Awful Beautiful Life, Darryl Worely
9) Come Away With Me, Norah Roberts
10) Rhymes With, Lila McCann
11) Always You, Sophie Zelmani
12) The Way You Look Tonight, Tony Bennett
13) Hey There Delilah, Plain White T’s
14) Your Everything, Keith Urban
15) The Time of My Life, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warners

So, who saw the Tiffany’s Valentine’s Day ads? I thought these ads were great! So so cute. And there are several different version of the ad that I have come across in my perusing of the the web, however I cannot seem to find them at the moment. They are clever and encorporate the pieces of jewelry. And of course it’s Tiffany’s, what woman doesn’t want to click thru to the Tiffany’s website?
Here are the ads:
This one is my favorite, and I found it at the NYT website.
There are two different banners that I have seen, both are good.

As a part of my job I habitually note ads that I see that are clever. I must admit, however, that a friend pointed these out to me. For the occasion, these are some of the best online ads I have seen floating around. Anyone else seen anything interesting out there? I got an email today from Planned Parenthood. It was…well, it caused quite a stir around my office, I’ll say that. If anyone is curious, let me know and I will write about it. I am just not sure how to put it into words….

Just more idol chatter

12 02 2008

I am not a reality television fan. But let me SCREAM for a minute here. A friend of mine from college, Kyle Ensley is a contestant on American Idol and tonight, HE MADE IT THROUGH TO THE TOP 2450! If you haven’t been watching, let me recap. Kyle is this sweet guy from small-town Oklahoma, he is an absolute doll, and he is an amazing singer. Here is the vid from his first audition.

I didn’t watch the rest of the auditions today. Basically, I wanted to see how Kyle did, and he was AMAZING! Especially when he sang Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.”
Make sure you start watching and be sure to VOTE FOR KYLE!!!
To update you on the Potomac Primaries, Senator Obama won Maryland, Virginia, and DC. The spread in Virginia was a lot larger than I expected it to be for the Dems. John McCain won the all three for the Republicans, although Huckabee was giving him a run for his money in Virginia for a while.

The Grammys

11 02 2008

Let us do a few minutes on the Grammy Awards that aired last night, or Sunday, February 10th, 2008. Amy Winehouse cleaned house last night for her album Back to Black, particularly for the song Rehab (only slightly ironic). Now, I listen to a lot of different music, you could say I am rather open-minded about music, but I cannot get into Amy Winehouse. Granted, I am fairly certain they did not take my considerations into account when awarding AW all of her grammys. I wasn’t expecting her to walk out (proverbially) with all of those trophies in hand, and apparently she wasn’t either. Take a look at her face as they announce her name.Either way, she walked away with more awards than anyone last night.

AW’s Grammys
1) Record of the Year-Rehab, from Back to Black
2) Song of the Year-Rehab, from Back to Black
3) Best New Artist
4) Best Female Pop Vocal Performance-Rehab, from Back to Black
5) Best Pop Vocal Album-Back to Black
The only category she was nominated for that she didn’t win was Album of the Year, which went to Herbie Hancock for the jazz album River: The Joni Letters. *Note, this is the second time in the history of the grammys that a jazz album has taken this number one spot.*
There are several songs/albums/artists that won that I personally was rooting for. The first was Michael Bublé’s album Call Me Irresponsible, which took Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Second was the winner of Best Alternative Music Album, The White Stripes for Icky Thump. I love that song!
Before I close this conversation, I want to mention one song that I think should never, ever, EVER be played again. The song Umbrella by Rihanna. That song is so overplayed that I get a twitch in my right eye every time I hear it.
Now for my own personal “Grammys”. These songs are, according to my personal itunes collection, my top choices for the following categories.
Song of the Year-Over You, from Daughtry, by Daughtry
Album of the Year-Katrina Elam, self-titled
Best Alternative Song-Fame Best Alternative Album-Infinity on High, by Fall Out Boy
Best Country Song-The Outside, from Taylor Swift, by Taylor Swift
Best Country Album-Katrina Elam, self-titled
Best Pop Song-Over You, from Daughtry, by Daughtry
Best Pop Album-Daughtry, self-titled
Best Rock Song-Beauty from Pain, from Beauty from Pain 1.1, by Superchick
Best Rock Album-Beauty from Pain 1.1, Superchick
Best Jazz Song-I Won’t Dance, from Taking a Chance on Love, by Jane Monheit and Michael Bublé
Best Jazz Album-Taking a Chance on Love, by Jane Monheit
Best Dance Song-Everytime We Touch, by Cascada
Best Rap Song-Remember the Name, from The Rising Tied, by Fort Minor
Best Broadway Song-In His Eyes, from Jekyll and Hyde
Best Broadway Album-RENT
Again, those, according to my itunes log, are my pics for grammy awards!