It’s a free country…

21 03 2008

…so why wouldn’t someone want to sell their life? Ok, there have been some pretty interesting things sold on ebay, but this has got to be one of the strangest things I have seen. There is a man who is going to sell his life on ebay. Ian Usher, from Australia is offering his furnished home, car, motorbike, friends, and job in an auction on ebay that opens for bidding on June 22th. The man rides motorbikes, snowboards, and sky-dives in his free time. Seems to be a pretty full life to anyone. And, as Usher told ABC News, it is. For someone other than him. He’s tired of his life, and wants a new one. He says the desire for a new life was triggered by the break-up of his marriage. He’s even put up a website that lists the reasons that he’s decided to sell his life, as well as a list of it’s contents. His current plan is to do to the airport and take the next flight that has an empty seat. Geez, I wonder where he is going to end up. I think it would be funny if the next flight took him somewhere random, like Casper, Wyoming. Not that he probably wouldn’t enjoy Wyoming. Mountains and stuff. (And, I mention Casper, WY, because one of my very good friends from college was actually from there. It’s not even a small city or anything.) He could still get into extreme sports. I wonder if he is going to give up his name. I mean, if I won this auction, would I suddenly be Ian Usher? I guess that would be pretty weird. It’s not that uncommon though for people to sell most of their belongings when they are moving? So what is unique about this guy? Besides the fact that he doesn’t really have a destination plan. Well, and he says that he is selling his friends, and his job. And his boss agreed to give whoever wins a try at the rug store where he works. That’s interesting.
So, what if I decided to sell my life? Well, ok, my apartment is very nice. It comes with a roommate, who is awesome. You’d have to be the maid-of-honor at her wedding, because if you are getting my life, that comes with it. My family, whom I adore. But they are not for the weak or weary, I’ll warn you. This includes 1) My dad-totally brilliant 2) My mom-biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met, and waaaaaaay creative 3)My brother-the life of the party 4)My sister-such a sweetheart, and always a surprise 5)My Gran-hard-working and always inspiring 6)My Nana-beautiful, uplifting, and an awesome cook 6)My Nanny-caring, independent, adventureous, and so energetic. Not to mention an entire slew of Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. My job-which comes with it’s own set of interesting people, and is only for a true-blue geek-at-heart. My car-a yellow nissan xterra. My friends-spread all across the country, but have all made a mark on my life. Hopefully they can do the same for you! This blog, I suppose you can have. You are also welcome to my college loans. Those, I’ll throw in for free! So, whatdya think? What would you pay for all of that?
You know, on second thought……I have a damn good life! I ain’t sellin’!! Ian, I’m sorry, but I think you’re crazy!



17 03 2008

I like looking at different apartments and houses on occasion, just to see what is out there. It’s fun, looking at different floor plans, and imagining having different options for decorating and arranging furniture. I hate moving. Hate it. Packing everything, unpacking everything….plus the whole mess of hiring movers, or renting a truck, and are there people around that are willing to help with the heavy lifting? Well, I found out this weekend that I am going to be moving. Not in the next month, but at the end of June. Well, I don’t have to move, but I am so not willing to pay what they are raising my rent to at the end of June. So, moving really is the only option. I’ve lived here for a year and a half, so it’s sad for me to have to move. Anyway, I’ve spent some time on the ever-popular Craigslist the past few days, just seeing what is out there. I am pretty picky about where I live, and probably pretty spoiled. I like having my own washer and dryer. That is the biggest thing for me. Other things I have to consider are proximity to a metro station (for my commute to work), available parking, and closet size. Because I have (admittedly) too many clothes. Not to mention the fact that roommate and I have to decide if we want to continue living together, or not. Because she will be getting married, and then we won’t be living together. So, is it easier to just go ahead and get our own places now? I’ve lived by myself, and I’ve lived with roommates. I can’t say whether one is preferential to the other. It is definitely less expensive when you are splitting the rent with someone. And if you are close friends with your roommate, there is always someone there to hang out with, which is a huge plus. This whole, moving thing is really stressing me. Not knowing where I am going to live stresses me. Everyone that I have talked to about it tells me not to stress, that it will work out fine. But until I have answers to some of my questions (mainly, where am I going to live, and how much am I going to have to pay to stay there?), I am going to remain stressed about it. Moving is a stressful time. 😦