Welcome Back!

13 11 2008

So, it’s been…I don’t know how long since I’ve blogged. Months. And months and months. But I want to get back into it, if at all possible. I make no guarantees, however. The election season ended last week with the election of the first African American President of the United States. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, it was a pretty historic moment for the US. Now that the election is over, and retailers can have the airwaves back for commercials, it seems that they are moving into the holiday season with fervor. I, for one, never admonish a holiday commercial. I love everything about the holidays, which anyone whose ever read my blog knows. With the economic crisis looming overhead, I would be willing to bet that this holiday season is not as big a payoff for retailers as it has been in the past. Many retailers are showing a loss in third quarter profits this year, and are expecting to see low fourth quarter profits as well. I’ve heard that some stores are planning their “black Friday” sales early, in hopes to counteract the low cash flow.

Anyway, I haven’t started any Christmas shopping yet. I still have some birthdays to get through. Although I have begun to think about it. I am about ready to start the decorating, though. Early, you say? Bah, I say. If retailers are already playing Christmas commercials, then why can’t I put up my tree? Plus, I am not really at my house much during the holidays, so if I put it up before Thanksgiving, I can actually enjoy it. I’m thinking of revamping the look of the blog for the holidays too. Not that I don’t love the green roses, but perhaps something new. Just until January 1st. Then the roses can make a comeback.


And yes, the orange stays for Fall, until I switch to red or green. Or maybe light blue. We’ll see!


April Fools’ Day!

1 04 2008

April 1st, today, is April Fools’ Day. I don’t think I ever pranked anyone on April Fools. If I did, I don’t remember. Did anyone prank you? Or better yet, did you prank anyone?
Here’s some news for the day. So, my alma mater is Oklahoma State University. They don’t have a great football team, but they have (in the past) done well in basketball, making it to the Final Four at least once while I was a student there. That was under head coach Eddie Sutton (and his infamous scowl). Well, two years ago, Eddie Sutton retired, and his son Sean was named the new head coach. And today, there was a statement released that Sean was being asked to leave. Or, being fired. Whichever you prefer. Poor Sean. It’s true, the Cowboys haven’t done nearly as well since Eddie Sutton retired. Was Sean given the chance to prove himself? He did have two years. Geez, that’s got to be embarrassing. Wonder what they are going to be talking about at the next family reunion. Ah, I don’t mean to be harsh. But I was disappointed with my Cowboys this year. Football and basketball.
Then again….it is April Fools Day. Is it possible someone is making a big joke? How uncool is it to fire someone on April 1st? How do they know if you are being serious?