AshK Dupre movie?

14 03 2008

An article this morning in the LA Times is implying that Miz Dupre’s MySpace profile may be less than reputable. One of AshK’s close childhood friends was interviewed for the article, and she claims that she never heard or saw any evidence of the drug use, abuse, or poverty that was on AshK’s MySpace page. While she saw Ashley infrequently after she left their idyllic hometown, she believes that they were close enough that Ashley would have clued her in on something if there was trouble. A peek into Ashley’s past life reveals that she grew up as a normal teen who enjoyed cheerleading and singing kareoke. Several of the homes in the neighborhood where she grew up retail for $1.5 million. AshK has led people to believe that she grew up in a rough and tumble neighborhood spotted with shady characters and poverty-stricken inhabitants. Far from that, this neighborhood is an upscale development with manicured shrubs and long, winding driveways. Unfortunately, the spotty past makes for a better screenplay. Is this was little Miz AshK has in mind? (She hasn’t done a very good job of hiding it, if it was supposed to be a secret.) Granted, I suppose we could just blame Eliot Spitzer. He’s the one who got caught, anyway. Read the full article here.


Published in fifth grade…

13 03 2008

I have to highlight this awesome story, because it just amazes me. Everyone today (if my site traffic is any indication) is interested in Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the girl who brought down Governor Eliot Spitzer. Sex, scandal, politics, what is it missing? Unfortunately, stories like this one are being overshadowed. This story that I read in the Washington Post style section was about three fifth graders who published a book. Wrote and published a book. Fifth graders! That’s….how old? (Wow, that was a long time ago for me!) Nine or ten years old? Three little boys young guys (I am sure they wouldn’t appreciate me calling them little…), Sean Pickering, Scott Morrill, and Dylan Peacock got together in the back of their school bus and decided to write a book. The result? “The Adventures of Danny and Spike.” The boys pooled their money and had 5 copies printed. Their parents footed the bill to print the rest. Sean is the “writer”, while Dylan was the illustrator, and they dubbed Scott the “ideas man.” This 78-page book even made it to number 43 on the top-100 list of Barnes and Noble. And, they are already working on a sequel. These ambitious boys have set a goal of publishing 14 books for this series. Bravo! These kids are amazing! Check out the article here and the website for the book is here! Way to go guys!

What We Want by Ashley Alexandra Dupre

13 03 2008

So a post on Tech Digest is reporting that Ashley/Kristen’s song “What We Want” was available for purchase as an Mp3 on Amie Street. The website apparently prices songs by their popularity. Before this story broke, Ash’s song was $.19. The price has risen to $.98 today. FYI, she has another song available too, called “Move Ya Body.” The full story is here, and AshK’s Amie Street site is here.

Miz Dupre *update*

13 03 2008

*And, her music site is baaaaaaaaaaaaack……………….is it possible her site is being hijacked? Or are we just being yanked around by the elusive Miz Dupre? 

*And now, this site houses someone named Nina. I suppose we have lost track of Miz Dupre. 

The Chicago Tribune‘s Swamp is reporting that Miz Dupre has taken down her MySpace page (seriously, can anyone blame her?) as of noon today. The article can be found here. Interestingly enough, the MySpace link that I posted in the earlier post is still active and takes you to a page inhabited simply by “Ashley.” She’s had some people write little notes of support, but is it really even her? I mean, the site isn’t private. I could access it without being her friend, and I think that most people that don’t want to be found would set their profiles to private (so only friends can see the content.) Is this just someone who gets online and says that they are Lindsey Lohan? Or, AA Dupre? Just a thought……
I for one am glad that she deactivated her profile. Privacy seems to be what she needs right now. (I say as I blog about it.)
Good luck, Ash!

Miz Dupre

13 03 2008

Today, the NYT published an article about Ashley Alexandra Dupre. Extraordinary or no? Well, Miz Dupre, also known as Kristen, is the woman whose tryst with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer at the Mayflower Hotel landed him in the doghouse on so many levels. The article, found here, reads as a brief glimpse into her life. She moved to the big city to pursue a career in music, but ended up working as a prostitute to pay the rent. Actually, it reads like the synopsis to a bad, or at the very least, very clichéd, movie. I actually feel for the girl. She’s my age. Literally, we are the same age. And she is working as a prostitute. Although, according to this article she makes more money than I do, so I guess I shouldn’t really feel so bad for her. What is I think going to be the hardest thing for her is getting past this. This article revealed every name she has ever gone by, including her given name. So, they didn’t really give her any room to go back to a normal life. People are always going to know her (well, hopefully not always, but what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think Monica Lewinsky?) as the hooker (and I hate using that term) who brought down Eliot Spitzer. Perhaps that was a bad choice of words. Maybe the publicity will generate sympathy for her, and that will help her find another job. One where she doesn’t have to sell her body….Or maybe, she can go to college and study music? Surely this experience could give her enough for a compelling essay. I’m sure she could get a scholarship. Or study business? The article says that she owns a business called Pasche New York, which an entertainment business designed to further her own music career. Although I cannot find a website of Pasche New York, nor do I know what kind of business would further her own music career other than a club or a website.
Quite a bit of the information from the article seemed to come from her MySpace music site. For anyone who wants to see it, the link is here. Took me a while to find, but I did. Her site has seen over 5 million hits. I’d be curious to know how many of those came after the story broke. Again, I feel bad for her, because she has absolutely no privacy at all. The Times article released her given name, her stage name, and her legally changed name. Although as a budding artist, she may not want a whole lot of privacy. I don’t know. Well, I hope that she is able to create a life after this, one that she truly wants.
Although I am still waiting for the movie to come out.

Governor Spitzer

12 03 2008

Dear (former)Governor Spitzer,
Shame on you. Soliticiting sex for money is illegal, and you should know better. If you were going to partake in such socially unacceptable actions, then you should have made it legal in New York. You probably would have had the support of several of your fellow politicians, plus the Mets (well, the Yankees don’t have to pay for sex, now do they?), and a handful of constituents as well. Alas, you did not, and now you can be charged for solicitation. True that usually “Johns” as they are called, a group we’ve now placed you in, aren’t usually charged, usually it is the woman (it was a woman, correct? We never know these days) who gets slammed. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we can’t quite be sure which yet, you are a political figure who is subject to more than just being thrown out of the house by his wife. Yes, were you a regular Joe-excuse me, a regular John, then the harshest reprimanding you would receive would be from your family. No, no, you are Governor Eliot Spitzer. So, every minute detail of your life that wasn’t already being scrutinized is now going to be the forefront of many, many newspapers, blogs, online magazines, newscasts, radio shows, and all other forms of media. I assure you that I myself received several text messages about your scandalous activities. Bravo, sir! You have infiltrated all the forms of media. We are all saddened to see you go, sir, for you were a terrific Governor, and you have served the state of New York well. Did you think you could recover from this? Perhaps you thought, well, Bill didn’t have to resign. And look, his wife still loves him, the Democratic Party still loves him, and now his wife is running for President. So, surely New York will forgive me. Eli, baby, yes, New York loves you! New York will forgive you. But the media won’t. So I guess we say our goodbyes now. In closing, I must tell you. I knew Bill Clinton. And you sir, are no Bill Clinton.