Two Days

12 02 2008

Good morning, this lovely (albeit still very cold!) Tuesday. We inch closer and closer to Valentine’s Day as the days pass. Hints for all you guys out there, if you haven’t already made plans, you might want to get on the ball! In the spirit of the holiday, how about some Valentine’s Day trivia?
The Roman god Cupid is said to be a symbol of love, because he was supposedly the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. He is known for being the mischevious winged child who shoots people through the heart with his magic arrows, causing them to fall deeply in love.
This commonly used closing dates back to pre-modern eras, or at least half of it does. The X was once a symbol of honesty and the Christian cross. It was used to sign documents because most people in these pre-modern eras were illiterate. Along with the X, one would kiss the page to show sincerity, hence the connection between an X and a kiss. The O was added much later by Americans, signifying one’s arms reaching around another, or a hug.
Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day trivia, a Valentine’s Day music playlist, and updates on the Potomac Primary.