The pen is mightier than the sword…but is a picket sign mightier than both?

12 02 2008

♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥ to all you couch potatoes telefanatics out there! The Writers Guild of America’s strike is over!
The strike, which began November 5th, 2007 ended today after the governing board of the unions unanimously approved a tentative three-year deal with production companies. This was the first industry-wide strike in ten years, the last being in 1988. That strike lasted 5 months and cost the industry $500 million dollars.
This strike was focused on the writers’ demand for a pay increase for movies and television shows released on dvd, and a larger share of revenue from shows streamed over the internet. What shows will be returning? How many of us are going to have to go without Grey’s Anatomy until next September? I have been personally missing NCIS and Criminal Minds. Someone on another blog, one that I was just perusing brought up an interesting point. The increased interest in politics may very well be because that has been the most interesting thing to watch in a while! Now, I can’t say that this is particularly true, it certainly isn’t for me, but as I have been reminded again and again, I am “weird” (in quotes because I am quoting a friend), and it is “never good to be a sample size of one.” So will the unusually high interest in politics drop off when these television shows come back? Especially among young voters? Surely not, but it is a theory worth mentioning.
Speaking of television, who has plans to stay in on ♥Thursday♥ night? Stay tuned for a list of the Top Ten Most Romantic Movies Ever which are sure to make your evening a little more ♥loveable♥!
*EDIT* You can visit the TV Guide blog to see when your favorite shows are coming back! And I found the link at this blog!