If I was a movie star…..

18 03 2008

Ever noticed how famous people are about as far from being real as they come? I don’t just mean movie stars, I’m talking sports stars, television stars, reality tv folks……..even the randomly famous people like Paris Hilton. I still have no idea why she became famous in the first place. I think I am going to open a hotel chain so that my kids can be famous if they want to. I seem to notice that as far as famous people go, musicians are about as close to being real as they come (and you’ll notice I said real, not normal). And I exclude people like Britney Spears from this “musicians” category, because no one knows what exactly she is. Anyway. There is a big to do right now about Kristin Davis (Charlotte, from Sex and the City) and a sex tape that she may or may not be a co-star in. So, I got online to do a little recon work into her life. Her middle name is Landon. Although, according to International Movie Datebase, sometimes she goes by Kristin Lee Davis. How many stars actually go by their real names? Associated Content has a list of stars and their real names here. If I was a celebrity, I would totally use my real name. It’s not Hayden Panettiere, but it works for me. We don’t get to choose our own names. If we did when we were young, we might all end up calling ourselves “Frankenstein,” like the kid in “Big Daddy.” You know, I’ve changed my mind on opening my hotel chain so that my kids can be famous. I don’t want my kids to be famous! Look at what happens to them!? What stars do you hear about that have tasted stardom while they are young that haven’t been in some sort of trouble? Hilary Duff hasn’t been arrested for anything yet, I don’t think. Miley Cyrus (daughter of Billy Ray) hasn’t tripped up yet, although I think that people are trying to get her to. As soon as a young star states a preference for remaining on the right side of the law, it seems that people start taking bets on when and where they are going to trip up. And recently, The Jonas Brothers came out with a statement that all three of them plan on waiting until marriage before they have sex. *cough* A commendable goal, gentlemen, and I wish you all the best of luck. I remember when Brit-Brit was sweet and innocent. And now she’s a mess. Well, I am older than the young kids that are approaching the age where “the wheels come off the wagon.” Let’s hope that at least a few of them can retain their integrity. Although…I’ve noticed that the stars who have consistently remained out of trouble don’t really get that much press. Anne Hathaway is someone that I am specifically thinking of. Does that simply prove the old adage “no press is bad press?” Who knows….
Oh, by the way, footage (in the form of a photo) of this Kristin Davis sex tape has emerged on Perez Hilton. You’ll have to see for yourself…it does look like her, but is it photoshopped? Her press office is claiming yes, but who knows?


FY Entertainment…….

16 02 2008

For your entertainment…Star magazine is reporting that Brit-Brit got married in Mexico last month! To none other than Adnan Ghalib. That’s the guy we always see following her around, right? That dude just got ten percent cooler on the paparazzi playlist. He’s living by the old, if ya can’t beat em, join em motto. That’s what, marriage number three for the 26-year old? Brit, are you involved in some sort of dare, or something? The buzz about town is that the new Mr. Spears is still married, although his wife may or may not have filed for divorce in January (after these alleged nuptials.) If any of this is true, and that’s a big if, then the marriage isn’t legal, so Brit may have dodged the bullet this time. The first time in a long time. I’m watching for more news on the rumored wedding!

Quick! Someone call the ASPCA!

16 02 2008

I went shopping today. I am an excellent shopper. I know where to look for bargains and when to wait for the inevitable sale. Anyway, I was walking through Macy’s today, and stopped suddenly at the table with purses that were on clearance. Yes, I typically brake for clearance signs, but this was different. What I saw sitting on that table was most disturbing. A purse from Fuzzy Nation. Fuzzy Nation Couture, as a matter of fact.
Yes, it is a silver chihuahua purse. Chihuahua purse. The concept is totally lost on me. Chihuahua purse. Is this going to be The Next Big Thing? For a while all the celebrities like Brit-Brit, LinsLo, and Miz Hilton were carrying their own little critters around in a pet purse. Wouldn’t this bag be easier, ladies? No excess fur, no mess, and if these get dirty, I’m sure they can be dry cleaned! When I saw these bags, I thought surely this isn’t some fad, but instead something that a company has decided to produce with profits going towards an organization like the ASPCA, or something. But as far as I can tell from Fuzzy Nation‘s website, no such luck. Then again…if I was a chihuahua, I’d be embarrassed. It’s like a horrible picture of yourself getting posted on the web. And then being sold. Talk about cruelty to animals….