Safe for now

6 03 2008

I’ve been out of the blog loop for a few days due to an insane statistics test. *Sigh* That is over and done with now. Lets get back to business. Starting with Tuesday. Hillary Clinton pulled out a win in three of the four states that voted on March 4th. Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island all believe that Hillary R. Clinton should be the next President of the United States, or at least the Democrats in those states do. Barack Obama took Vermont, as most everyone predicted. And after these four states voted, John McCain now has all the votes he needs to be the Republican nominee. But the Democratic nomination is still up for grabs! It’s all very exciting. It’s very American Idol-esque. See, this is why I don’t understand why some people don’t get into politics. “Last week, the judges weren’t too thrilled with Hillary’s performance, but American voted! And she is safe-for this week.” Dun, dun, dun (scary music). Maybe we just need to get Ryan Seacrest or someone like that to announce the results of the polls. Maybe not, maybe this has to be more “serious” than that. But I still get into it, and after seeing the outcome of Tuesday’s primaries, I felt like it was American Idol. Which isn’t even something I watch very often. I am not so big into the reality television shows. Although there is a new show that just premiered last night, called High School Reunion, on TVLand. I didn’t watch it, but I did record it. I thought it might be interesting. Although it will probably turn out to be another one of those shows where they put a bunch of people in a house and make them live together until two people hook up, two people get into a major fight, and then the entire group turns on one person and tries to get them kicked out. That’s basically the plot of most reality shows, isn’t it? Politics is way more exciting to me, at least they have to maintain a mask of civility. Their sniping is more intellectual snobbery than hair-pulling and eye-gouging. Is that what it takes to interest the general public? In other news, Patrick Swayze (the Dirty Dancing actor, among other things, but whom I will always remember as “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 55. Pancreatic cancer is a very unforgiving disease, by the time symptoms appear it is often that there is little can be done. It has a 5% 5-year survival rate. In a statement released by Swayze’s reps, they say that he is remaining positive and responding well to treatment. The actor and his family are in my thoughts and prayers!


Ensley on Ellen

25 02 2008

It doesn’t matter how many times I hear this. It gives me goosebumps everytime.

Ensley and Ellen

20 02 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know that our favorite Idolite is going to be appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show on Friday, February 22nd. Apparently Ellen is a big fan of Kyle’s (well, who can blame her??) and so he is going to go visit with her. Be sure to record it (or watch it, if you are going to be home.)

Retraction from “Just more idol chatter”

14 02 2008

Well, I am retracting a bit from last night’s American Idol post. Like I said, I am not someone who typically watches American Idol, and this year’s Hollywood auditions were different than I expected them to be. I reported last night that Kyle Ensley had made it through to the top 24, and this was incorrect. He was in the top 50 contestants that were selected on the show Tuesday night, however he was cut from the top 24 on the show that aired tonight. I got a little over-excited in my eagerness to support him. Well, I still think Kyle is wonderful! Oh, and ♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥!

Just more idol chatter

12 02 2008

I am not a reality television fan. But let me SCREAM for a minute here. A friend of mine from college, Kyle Ensley is a contestant on American Idol and tonight, HE MADE IT THROUGH TO THE TOP 2450! If you haven’t been watching, let me recap. Kyle is this sweet guy from small-town Oklahoma, he is an absolute doll, and he is an amazing singer. Here is the vid from his first audition.

I didn’t watch the rest of the auditions today. Basically, I wanted to see how Kyle did, and he was AMAZING! Especially when he sang Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.”
Make sure you start watching and be sure to VOTE FOR KYLE!!!
To update you on the Potomac Primaries, Senator Obama won Maryland, Virginia, and DC. The spread in Virginia was a lot larger than I expected it to be for the Dems. John McCain won the all three for the Republicans, although Huckabee was giving him a run for his money in Virginia for a while.