The upkeep of a blog is not a light undertaking. The opposite infact, it is a very demanding project. I am a person who spends many, many, many hours online, and even I am not sure that I can dedicate the time that a blog deserves. Or, a good blog anyway.
I cannot make any guarantees as to what this blog will be about. Politics, fashion, love, gossip, life, technology, advocacy, music, movies, sports, travel, history, television, books….these are among the 100 million things that I enjoy talking about and wish to subject upon the world. My thoughts, along with the thoughts of others.
The intent is not persuasion, it is not newsworthy, it is not informational. It simply is. Within the proverbial pages of this blog, there will be nothing more than musings of the state of the world. Think of this as my own personal State of the Union. Or, of the World, in a larger sense. In essence, it is nothing more than Random Fodder. And you are welcome to it.


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