Chatty Chase

Divulging personal information has never been something I am shy about, but I won’t bore the online world with such. I will say that I spend exorbitant amounts of time on the web, partially due to my job, partially due to overall quirkiness. But all the better to chat at you, my dear. As a recently ex-patrioted native Texan, I make my home now within the capital beltway, and enjoy it immensely. I’ve been blogging since…my freshman year of college, and I am no stranger to the online world. Online marketing is where I chose to make my mark for the moment, particularly in the realm of the non-profit organization. I am always searching for new and exciting ways to do that, so feel free to share!

Click the links below to see where they take you. You’ll learn more about me in the process!

Photobucket chanel  Photobucket  Photobucket  dance  Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket   Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  


One response

4 03 2009

Come back Chatty Chase… I miss your randomized fodder.

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