Obama in Philly: Is-Wright, or Fore-Wright?

18 03 2008

About an hour ago, at 11:00am (EST), Presidential candidate Barack Obama gave a speech in Philadelphia. Pieces of information released by the campaign prior to the speech revealed that Obama was going to reiterate his denunciations of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s comments. But a broader discussion of race in general is what Obama’s campaign was seeking. Reverend J. Wright is a longterm pastor and mentor of the presidential hopeful. A 2 minute video was recently released with snippets of over 4,000 sermons that he has given through out his career. This video, which many have construed as racist, is what the Wall Street Journal is calling the first real test of his campaign. And very quickly, Senator Obama criticised the Reverend’s remarks. But it gave the Obama campaign the opening it needed in order to open up the race discussion. Here is the video clip of his speech.

I’m not sure he helped himself in this case, though. It had potential, but he just didn’t hit the mark. This has been a popular topic recently, so I thought I’d say something. My opinion is that cosmetic issues shouldn’t exist. The color of a person’s skin, hair, eyes, or fingernails have nothing to do with what kind of leader they are going to be. And as Obama says in speech, we’ve all heard ideas on occasion that we do not agree with from influential people in our lives. I agreed with very few of my professors in college, and fewer in grad school. In fact, I had a semester long battle with an ethics professor whom I still think lacks any semblance of ethics. They do not represent the ideas and ideals that I hold. Very few things get my blood boiling as quickly as racism, in any form. I am glad Obama took the chance to say something. At the very least, it portrayed his leadership.




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