Published in fifth grade…

13 03 2008

I have to highlight this awesome story, because it just amazes me. Everyone today (if my site traffic is any indication) is interested in Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the girl who brought down Governor Eliot Spitzer. Sex, scandal, politics, what is it missing? Unfortunately, stories like this one are being overshadowed. This story that I read in the Washington Post style section was about three fifth graders who published a book. Wrote and published a book. Fifth graders! That’s….how old? (Wow, that was a long time ago for me!) Nine or ten years old? Three little boys young guys (I am sure they wouldn’t appreciate me calling them little…), Sean Pickering, Scott Morrill, and Dylan Peacock got together in the back of their school bus and decided to write a book. The result? “The Adventures of Danny and Spike.” The boys pooled their money and had 5 copies printed. Their parents footed the bill to print the rest. Sean is the “writer”, while Dylan was the illustrator, and they dubbed Scott the “ideas man.” This 78-page book even made it to number 43 on the top-100 list of Barnes and Noble. And, they are already working on a sequel. These ambitious boys have set a goal of publishing 14 books for this series. Bravo! These kids are amazing! Check out the article here and the website for the book is here! Way to go guys!




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16 03 2008
Sean, Scott, and Dylan

Yes, we don’t like being called little. Thanks for reading about us. I googled “danny and spike” and just found this. I can’t believe people would actually pay that much attention to it. Thanks!

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