Miz Dupre *update*

13 03 2008

*And, her music site is baaaaaaaaaaaaack……………….is it possible her site is being hijacked? Or are we just being yanked around by the elusive Miz Dupre? 

*And now, this site houses someone named Nina. I suppose we have lost track of Miz Dupre. 

The Chicago Tribune‘s Swamp is reporting that Miz Dupre has taken down her MySpace page (seriously, can anyone blame her?) as of noon today. The article can be found here. Interestingly enough, the MySpace link that I posted in the earlier post is still active and takes you to a page inhabited simply by “Ashley.” She’s had some people write little notes of support, but is it really even her? I mean, the site isn’t private. I could access it without being her friend, and I think that most people that don’t want to be found would set their profiles to private (so only friends can see the content.) Is this just someone who gets online and says that they are Lindsey Lohan? Or, AA Dupre? Just a thought……
I for one am glad that she deactivated her profile. Privacy seems to be what she needs right now. (I say as I blog about it.)
Good luck, Ash!




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