The Moment of Truth (otherwise titled, Let’s See How Many Lives We Can Ruin Tonight!)

12 03 2008

Let me do a few minutes on this FOX television show, The Moment of Truth. Ok, so people go on this show, are hooked up to a polygraph, and have to answer 21 questions of increasing intimacy. Well, first of all, if you could possibly be caught in a lie that is going to jeopardize your relationship/career/ability to show your face in public, why would you sign up to be on it in the first place? So, this is partially the fault of the participants. I’ve never watched this show, but I watch the news in the morning as I am getting ready for work, and I also like House, so I see commercials for this show all the time. Every commercial I see, they’ve asked some guy if he’s ever cheated on his wife/girlfriend. And sometimes they add a twist and asked if he’s ever had a relationship with a man, or something. Who came up with the idea of this show? Seriously. “I know! Let’s come up with a television show where people can embarrass themselves and possibly have a devastating effect on the people they care about! Perfect!” Why can’t we have more shows like Jeopardy? I actually learn stuff from Jeopardy. (And now I sound much older than my age.) I’m not saying that Jeopardy is the only good show on TV (although right now there is NOTHING on). But The Moment of Truth? Oh, I have a better idea! Why don’t we have a show where we raid people’s rooms and read their diaries! That is cool too. Of course, it would mostly be 8 year old girls, because I don’t know that many people that keep a diary anymore. Although I suppose a blog can be viewed as a form of diary. But I am not spilling my secrets on here. So…don’t ask. Anyway, this is just a little rant, because I once again saw the commercial for the show, and was irritated. Some guy was in the “hot seat” and then it closed in on a girl that you can only assume is his girlfriend or wife, and she appeared to be crying. Television is a cruel, cruel place sometimes. And people complain about negative political ads? Geez….you think those are bad….look at what people willingly subject themselves to.




One response

12 03 2008

Did this show start during the writers strike? I think the same people that go on the Jerry Springer type shows would apply for this one.

Actually, many adults keep diaries or rather journals. Think that is a little different though. Now I just blog.

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