Getting older…

7 03 2008

I spent a portion of the morning talking to several of my friends about cleaning the kitchen. Ok, first, let me say that this conversation was spawned by the fact that it is my month for kitchen duty at the office. So, that is how the conversation began. But then we shifted into this conversation about how many times we run the dishwasher a week, what kind of dish-washing detergent we use, and if we have specific methods for loading and unloading. We rounded it off nicely by discussing laundry detergent. As we all went our seperate ways, we mused that how ten years ago, the hottest boy bands and teeny-bop actors would have been the main topic of conversation. And now, as we are older, we’ve started talking cleaning products. This was a harsh realization for me, especially because I was unaware that I had crossed the line into that….age group. I’m only 22 years old…I’m don’t have children or a husband, so is it necessary that my conversations consist of the proper way to load and unload a dishwasher? I hope not. I do drink coffee, pay my own bills, have a full-time job, and all those other “adult” things. Of course quickly after, I engaged in a conversation about new music, so that redeemed me a little. But I am feeling very old today.




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