New Fave!

6 03 2008

I stumbled across this website a while ago when I was actually searching for an image of a heart. Ever since I have been going back to this site and perusing the merch, because I positively love it. The website is Shana Logic,(formerly Pixiegirl Shop) and they sell indie jewelry and other items. Owned and maintained by one person, Shana Victor, this website is clean, user-friendly, and fabulous. The merchandise is designed by a lot of individual artists, therefore everything is totally unique. And it is all fun. I have a wishlist a mile long for the merch on this site. When you buy from Shana Logic, you are supporting artists from around the world and bypassing that pesky little thing we like to call the NEA. While I am fairly “new” to the site, it has actually been live for at least five years, in one form or another. Clearly, Shana knows what she is doing. Major props to her for doing her thing. I’ve got to say, she’s done it right. She’s got a product that speaks for itself, and she hasn’t allowed her website to grow so cluttered that it detracts from the merch. Among my favorites are the raindrop earrings, the sparkle berry earrings, and the Good Luck necklace. Check out her website, she is constantly adding new stuff. And by the way….my birthday is April 21st!




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