A trip down the aisle

3 03 2008

I took a break from blogging from last Thursday on, because my best friend was getting married this weekend. I left town on Thursday am, and didn’t get back into DC until yesterday. I had a lot of fun, helping plan the bachelorette activities, and just being able to participate in it all. Since last summer, and even looking forward into the future, my life is a slew of weddings. This one was only one of a long line of weddings that I have been in attendance at, and will continue to be. I have some pearls of wisdom I can impart on those of you planning weddings, or considering planning weddings in the near future.
1) Don’t go Bride-zilla. It’s bad for the planning phase, it’s bad for your skin, it’s bad for your relationship. If you feel the need to let someone stress about the planning, give some of the heavy lifting jobs to one of your bridesmaids. There will be at least one that loves you enough to bear the brunt of the stress.
2) Sparklers are a good idea in theory, but when your friends and family are burning themselves, they’ll think twice about attending another one of your parties.
3) Allow yourself time to be pampered in the days before the wedding.
4) Let your wedding scheme reflect who the bride and groom are. Don’t let anything else dictate the decisions you make when you are planning the wedding.
5) Figure out where the bustles are on the dress BEFORE THE WEDDING DAY. That’s a big one.
6) Hire a fantastic DJ.
7) Speak loudly. Remind the Pastor/Best Man/Maid of Honor to REMIND you to speak up.
8 ) Go with the flow if something happens during the wedding. If you burst into tears, you’ll feel like your entire day was ruined. If you just go with it, you can salvage the event.
9) Take a change of shoes. Chances are you aren’t going to want to spend the entire reception in the same shoes you wear down the aisle.
10) Be nice to your Mom. She’s stressing.
11) This is a big one for me-you still have single friends. Don’t forget them!
I love weddings. Being in them, going to them, helping plan them, it’s all been fun for me. And all the weddings I’ve been to recently seem to have gone off without a major crisis. And I always cry. Crying at weddings for me, its just part of the deal. And ’tis the season, isn’t it?
Let me close by congratulating the new Mr. and Mrs. John Argenbright. I love you both!




One response

12 03 2008

I missed that big day for Joey and John and it saddened me greatly. I feel like one of my children got married without me, but I am as excited for them as Courtney. Joey has been a part of our lives forever, and John since their first date, basically. Courtney is right about her advice. I guess the more you go to the more you learn. My advice is even if you think your going to cry, smile…most people would rather see you smile and cry than to frown trying not to cry. It’s normal to cry at weddings of people you love. Mostly because you love them and are excited for them and a little because you know they have entered a new phase of life. So be happy and smile through the tears.

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