18 02 2008

I’ve been feeling slightly…anti-establishment recently. Ok, maybe not so much, because I will freely admit reading trashy celebrity gossip. And blogging about it. But every once in a while, somewhere within the randomized fodder, there comes a rare jewel, a moment of cognizance amongst the banalities of idle chatter. There is a method to my madness, you might say. Ok, enough drama. My younger sister turns 16 tomorrow. February 19th. It’s a big thing, turning 16. She will finally be able to drive. And she’s the youngest, so its an even bigger deal. I bought her several birthday cards, as is my tradition. Now, I buy those “forever stamps” because I send a lot of mail. Well, the price of stamps is going up again. Another $0.01. Ok, so my forever stamps are still going to work, right? Now, I have come to the realization that the purpose of these forever stamps is to stop the general public from complaining every time the price of the stamp goes up. Well, I will not be fooled! I will still complain that the price of postage is going up. Arg! I shake my fist at the postal service. It’s not like it’s that expensive, but someday, it is going to cost $3.00 to mail a letter, just like decades ago the price of gas was at $.42. Ok, maybe I am being dramatic again, but still. If they are just trying to appease us by selling us these “forever stamps” so that they can continue to raise the price of stamps, that is what it will come to. Another penny here, another dime there, it starts to add up!
That is my weak rant against the USPS for today. I know, it was weak, I just couldn’t work myself into full consipiracy-theory mode tonight.




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