Quick! Someone call the ASPCA!

16 02 2008

I went shopping today. I am an excellent shopper. I know where to look for bargains and when to wait for the inevitable sale. Anyway, I was walking through Macy’s today, and stopped suddenly at the table with purses that were on clearance. Yes, I typically brake for clearance signs, but this was different. What I saw sitting on that table was most disturbing. A purse from Fuzzy Nation. Fuzzy Nation Couture, as a matter of fact.
Yes, it is a silver chihuahua purse. Chihuahua purse. The concept is totally lost on me. Chihuahua purse. Is this going to be The Next Big Thing? For a while all the celebrities like Brit-Brit, LinsLo, and Miz Hilton were carrying their own little critters around in a pet purse. Wouldn’t this bag be easier, ladies? No excess fur, no mess, and if these get dirty, I’m sure they can be dry cleaned! When I saw these bags, I thought surely this isn’t some fad, but instead something that a company has decided to produce with profits going towards an organization like the ASPCA, or something. But as far as I can tell from Fuzzy Nation‘s website, no such luck. Then again…if I was a chihuahua, I’d be embarrassed. It’s like a horrible picture of yourself getting posted on the web. And then being sold. Talk about cruelty to animals….




One response

16 02 2008

hahahaha, that is shocking! i always wondered, what do these celebrities do with their out-of-fashion pets? i mean, i know they get new ones, but hasn’t paris hilton called all her chihuahuas tinkerbell? she should just get a silver fake one to dangle from her shoulder.

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