FY Entertainment…….

16 02 2008

For your entertainment…Star magazine is reporting that Brit-Brit got married in Mexico last month! To none other than Adnan Ghalib. That’s the guy we always see following her around, right? That dude just got ten percent cooler on the paparazzi playlist. He’s living by the old, if ya can’t beat em, join em motto. That’s what, marriage number three for the 26-year old? Brit, are you involved in some sort of dare, or something? The buzz about town is that the new Mr. Spears is still married, although his wife may or may not have filed for divorce in January (after these alleged nuptials.) If any of this is true, and that’s a big if, then the marriage isn’t legal, so Brit may have dodged the bullet this time. The first time in a long time. I’m watching for more news on the rumored wedding!




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