Poll Taxes

15 02 2008

Have we all recovered from the hangovers of Valentine’s Day candy and other various and assorted goodies? Mine came in the form of brownies…yum♥. Back to business as usual, I suppose. I got my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday for the primary (which in Texas is March 4th). And when I return it, I have to put my own, first class stamp on it. I think that’s wrong. Why do I have to pay to vote? Does anyone else who votes in their county on election day (or early voting) have to pay to vote? Is this some sort of, backroom, conspiracy theory to dissuade people from voting? Maybe. Doubtful, but all the same. I pay taxes, I take my civic reponsibilities seriously, and I want to vote in the Primary in my state. In 2004, close to 6.5% of the population of Texas voted in the presidential primary. Small percentage, and I want to be a part of that percentage. It is hard to persuade people to vote, much less in the primary! So why make them pay to vote? That only furthers their reasons not to! Ridiculous! I know a stamp costs, what, $0.42 or something, but still. It’s the principle of it all. I honestly don’t think it is a big conspiracy theory, but I am irritated by the fact that I have to pay to vote. Say that out loud. I have to pay to vote. Sounds eerily like a poll tax, doesn’t it?




One response

15 02 2008

I made this same argument at work when I voted with my Mass. absentee ballot. It absolutely is a poll tax and I think that absentee ballots should be pre-paid.

The argument made back at me which made some sense was that if the stamp was a pole tax then is the gasoline you use to drive to the poles, the bus or subway fair you pay etc. also a pole tax? I suppose its a fine line but still paying to vote feels like a pole tax to me.

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