“Savage Love”

15 02 2008

So, who has read the sex advice column Savage Love? Well, this nationally syndicated article is published in the Washington City Paper locally, but if my research serves me correctly, the author works and writes for The Stranger, a Seattle paper. It’s written by columnist, editor, (insert many more talent-associated words here), and author Dan Savage. I personally had never read the article until today, when a friend (Mindz, you are being credited RIGHT HERE) brought me an ad that she had cut out of the Washington City Paper. The ad, which was purchased by Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, had a large picture of a banana on it, and read “Savage Love says…’Get your winkies checked’.” And because I wanted to discuss this ad here on Randomized Fodder, I fished around to see if there was an electronic version. And what should I come across but Savage Love. Now this week’s column was titled “Babes In Toyland,” and meant all that that implies in a sex advice column. Nothing is going to be repeated here, but I have linked to it, should you decide to…check it out. My point is this: if you can get past the…vulgarities and once your face has stopped beating red, he’s hilarious. And informational: I didn’t know that it was illegal to sell sex toys in the state of Mississippi. Cross that potential profession off the list. 8) Oh, just a little fun. So, the ad in the paper has seemingly taken a back seat to all the fodder about the article, hasn’t it? Well, aside from catching my attention, it’s made me a loyal reader of Seattle’s The Stranger.




2 responses

15 02 2008

hahah “get your weenie checked” lol that cracks me up

check out bre101 at http://www.bre101.worldpress.com

19 02 2008

Dan is a legend! You should subscribe to the podcast. Search for it on iTunes and you’ll find it. Good stuff.

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