14 02 2008

I have this pair of shoes. Thin spike 3 inch heels, black strap across the toe, and then a thick ribbon that goes around the ankle with a bow that trails down to the heel. This has to be my favorite pair of shoes that I own. I am forever looking for the occasion to wear them out, which unfortunately does not come around all that often. I love this pair of shoes. Unfortunately, my love of jeans and sweats usually wins out over the clothes that are appropriate with this pair of shoes. Today would be a nice occasion to wear these shoes out somewhere. But honestly, you know how I love to spend Valentine’s Day? Cooking dinner at home (as long as he does the dishes!!), then curling up on the couch with the boy and watching a cheesy romantic movie that I have seen a ton of times. Corny, much? Well, yes, it is. My best friend has made plans for she and her man to go on a romantic dinner cruise over the Potomac. And they are going to have a fantastic time. That’s the kind of thing that they enjoy doing. I imagine everyone’s opinion of the holiday is different. One year, when I was younger, my boyfriend and I were both going to be out of town on a school trip over Valentine’s Day. So they day before we left, we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop and made teddy bears for each other. I still have that bear (however not the boyfriend) and I remember that Valentine’s Day as being very special. This year, I basically just outlined what my plans are, because I was the one in charge of making the plans. I was, however, surprised by the beautiful delivery of flowers I received at my office this morning (thanks, honey!). Needless to say, I doubt very much that my fabulous shoes will be making an appearance this Valentine’s Day. Perhaps I can convince someone to take me somewhere nice for my birthday! I hope you have all been enjoying this ♥heart-shaped Thursday♥. Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day fodder.




One response

15 02 2008

Those shoes sound so hot! You are SO wearing them for your birthday, with MOI! And then you can let me borrow them… 😉

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