Retraction from “Just more idol chatter”

14 02 2008

Well, I am retracting a bit from last night’s American Idol post. Like I said, I am not someone who typically watches American Idol, and this year’s Hollywood auditions were different than I expected them to be. I reported last night that Kyle Ensley had made it through to the top 24, and this was incorrect. He was in the top 50 contestants that were selected on the show Tuesday night, however he was cut from the top 24 on the show that aired tonight. I got a little over-excited in my eagerness to support him. Well, I still think Kyle is wonderful! Oh, and ♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥!




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14 02 2008

I’m so sad that Kyle got cut. You can read what I think about Kyle here.

20 02 2008

Dear Chase,
I have searched endlessly for a way to write to kyle and to no avail! He moved me in a way no man ever has and I feel the need to make him a part of my life if possible. The friends we make pave the road ahead with happiness when they are good people, And I fell absolutely in love with Kyle. Could you please ask him to at least make a myspace page so he can get fan mail? and then tell me if he does 🙂 I’m young and successful and I’d like to help him with his future endeavors in any way I can. Kyle for President! Let me know if there is a way to write him k?? Love your posts!
p.s. sorry for the double post but I wanted to make sure you saw it 🙂

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